Casa Brujaja

Wholesale Info

Wholesale Information

Important! Please read carefully!

  • Opening order minimum is $350. Reorder minimum is $175.
  • Email with any questions! 
  • Our listed retail prices are only suggestions. However, we request that retail prices remain at least double our wholesale price. 

Shipping and Payment

  • Payment is due before the order ships. We'll include payment instructions/options with your invoice. 
  • We have a flat shipping rate of $12.99 for all. Orders over $500 come with free shipping. 
  • Most orders will ship through USPS within 2 weeks of being placed. However, this is only an estimate. Please allow us to work with you to set an exact date. 


  • Our elements are sustainably gathered by hand, and available only on a seasonal basis. 
  • The elemental selections on this order form are not species specific which means if you select 'blossom', we'll send you pieces with a variety of flowers we have on hand. 
  • We're happy to recieve custom element requests! Include any requests in the 'notes' section of the order form and we'll do our best to accomodate them!
  • Randomize:  If you select 'radomize elements on the top of the order form, we'll include a unique selection of natural elements in your order. We encourage you to choose this option- it allows us to add limited availability elements to your order that aren't incldude as options on the form. Some examples of limited availability elements are butterly wings, cicada wings, leaf skeletons, etc. 

using the order form

  • Select 'add to order' next to any item and fields to indicate quantity and elements will appear. 
  • Keep track of your order total at the bottom of the form. 
  • Include special requests for any item in the 'notes' field.