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C O F F I N ring

C O F F I N ring


A creepy favorite, show off your love for all aspects of life and death with this coffin ring. Set on a wide, textured band.

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Where do you get your natural elements?

All of our natural elements are ethically sourced. We harvest almost everything by hand from the deserts and bosques of New Mexico. We only gather abundant and invasive plants; we never harvest endangered or threatened species from the wild. Any animal products are either naturally shed or harvested from animals that died naturally. This includes bugs- we don’t kill anything for our jewelry!

How do I take care of my jewelry?

You’ll be amazed by how sturdy our jewelry is for being made of glass, precious metals and flower petals. That being said, treat your pieces with care. If silver becomes tarnished or scratched, polish with fine grit steel wool. Keep your piece from being submerged in water! Always remove before showering, washing hands, etc. Glass can be carefully cleaned with rubbing alcohol or vinegar.

Do you make everything by hand?

Every one of our pieces is handmade. We take great pride in our handmade process. We do everything from cutting glass to soldering jump rings to fabricating silver settings is done with love at our studio in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

What kind of metal is my piece made of?

We have woven together metalsmithing and stained glass techniques to create unique pieces. Most of the metal you see is .925 sterling silver. Many of the glass pendant pieces you see are sealed with a low melting temperature silver alloy. We have to use something that stays cooler than sterling so we don’t scorch the delicate things inside. Any non-sterling metal is sealed with an organic beeswax sealant that we make in-house, so they’re very comfortable on the skin. 100% of our ear wires, studs, chains, clasps, ring bands and bracelet bands are hand-fabricated sterling. If you have a silver allergy and are looking for pieces made in gold, shoot us an email.

Will my flower/leaf loose it’s color over time?

We’ve had great luck with our botanicals retaining their color. We apply quite a bit of heat when we’re sealing things in their glass panes, so if any fading is going to occur it will usually happen during that time. That being said, try to keep your jewelry out of direct sunlight when it’s not being worn. Store your piece in a jewelry box or dresser drawer when you don’t have it on. We stand by our jewelry 100% and if you do happen to experience any unexpected fading, get in touch and we’ll make sure you’re taken care of.

Do you do custom orders?

f you’re looking for something you can’t find on our webstore, shoot us an email at We love creating custom adornments.

If we still haven’t answered your question, please reach out!